Learn how JASK is positively impacting the day-to-day lives of the entire SOC team and enabling every analyst to play a more active and valuable role in managing risk.

SOC Analyst

Do you want to accelerate finding threats to your organization, pull all the context into a single console, reduce manual tasks from hours to seconds? ASOC was designed specifically to empower the SOC analyst, give you the time and power to accelerate all aspects of your job making security analysis not just effective but fun!

Incident Responder

Incident response is often where the important security operational work starts. Data is key, context is key, being able to integrate with a host of IR tools and techniques is something we care about and built as a first-class functionality in our product. Dive deep across User, Application, Network and Device in one simple view which paints the entire picture? ASOC allows IR teams to get answers to their questions on-demand. Game changed.

Threat Hunter

Human led threat hunting is about speed and flexibility, ASOC offers one of the most comprehensive threat hunting interfaces with an interesting twist: ASOC allows you to train an algorithm to learn your hunting techniques. By feeding the known to a machine it can continue hunting while you sleep, identifying patterns automatically completely freeing you up to work on the next hunt. Used by some of the most advanced hunt teams in the world, ASOC is very comfortable in the role of a threat hunting platform combining massive data analytics at scale and backed by flexible and open data models.

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence driven security operation teams mean understanding adversaries at a level much deeper than the indicator of compromise. JASK ASOC helps them dive deep into the data set and anomalies to quickly identify techniques, tools, practices because getting closer to the data gets us closer to identifying intent and attribution. Level up your intelligence game with a platform that was designer for the modern cyber intelligence team.

SOC Manager / Director

If we could only empower our teams to have more time to focus on the threats that matter the most what could we achieve? This is the dream that JASK was founded on, creating a platform that will empower the SOC team to do what they were hired to do, reduce risk to the organization. ASOC natively identifies threats and anomalies you would never normally know about prioritizing what is important now effectively reducing alerts by an order of a magnitude.


The modern CISO knows his job is to reduce cyber risk to the organization, protect customers, brand and recruit and maintain a talented and loyal team. JASK's ASOC changing the dynamic for the technology stack powering Security Operations teams.

The modern CISO knows how import it is to decommission legacy security technologies and not just add new ones. They want to enable their resource constrained team to do more with less by investing in intelligent automation and AI is a key value for the modern CISO. JASK is excited to partner with some of the most forward thinking CISO's in the world to define the roadmap for the SOC of the future.

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