Modern SOC Challenges

With processes and people limited by current technology restrictions, organizations are investing heavily in SOC solutions to reduce risk. However, siloed data and archaic processes are creating technology gaps enhanced by attacker sophistication.

Enterprises Are Still At Risk

The adversary is rapidly evolving, and the time it takes to fully identify the scope of an incident is exposing organizations to additional risk. With analysts focused on repetitive validation tasks, it is difficult to make significant advancements in new threat detection.

Missing Context, Lacking Insights

Today’s SOC analyst needs increased visibility with context, not just silos of data from legacy solutions. The frustrating process of pivoting across products to gain more context is time-consuming and further restricts SOC teams from keeping up with the modern pace of attacker evolution.

SOC Processes Are Broken

Until now, security operations processes were designed to support technologies and best practices developed a decade ago. The SOC has scaled by adding analysts instead of automation because solutions haven’t proven to answer basic questions. Valuable analyst time is wasted to connect many of the dots that machines are now capable of handling.

Product Tour

Take a self-guided tour and see key platform
features and product UI in action.

Product Tour

The JASK Platform Is Modernizing Security Operations

Creating the Next Evolution in Security Operations

JASK is reducing enterprise risk by freeing analysts to focus on the highest priority scenarios.

JASK leverages AI and Machine Learning to automate many mundane tasks and deliver advanced insights across the network, users and devices.

Improving Visibility with Contextual Insights

More context, exposed blind spots and faster response times are delivered with simple, advanced insights.

JASK fuses gathered data with alerts from existing systems and applies AI and machine learning to automate the correlation and analysis of threats.

JASK Insights enable analysts to become proactive threat hunters, reduce the time of investigations and run new scenarios driven by business experience.

Connecting the Dots with AI and Machine Learning

JASK connects the dots that are humanly incapable of being connected through sophisticated data acquisition and analysis.

With users empowered to create new use cases, enhanced intelligence is applied to the JASK data engine every day - the more data collected, the more powerful the intelligence.


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Take self-guided tour and see key platform features and product UI in action.
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